In the current phase of the project our 13 partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany are busy researching national web-based interventions and prevention offers. It became apparent that in some cases this was not an easy thing to do. Some partners had problems identifying web-based interventions that matched the defined criteria; others had problems getting all relevant information from the providers.

The first impression of the national research results is that we are dealing with very different initial situations in our different partner countries. In Luxemburg, Portugal and Slovakia no web-based interventions concerning illicit drugs, alcohol or similar approaches have been found. In other countries, e.g. in Germany, a variety of approaches have been identified.

At the same time the LWL has been researching international good-practice examples - until now good-practice examples have been identified in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

More about how the project partners are doing their research can be read in the first newsletter