As the project progresses, some first deadlines are coming to an end and some first milestones are reached.

All participating partners searched for good practices in their country to get an overview of all prevention on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) that is going on targeting young people. All these country reports of good practices will now be integrated in a complete European overview by the LWL coordination of the project. In Riga, the European overview will be discussed and will be taken into account to decide on the web intervention and ways to reach and motivate the target group. This will also give the possibility to link with existing interventions and projects.

A second deadline that passed, was the deadline for organizing focus groups with young NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) users. In every participating country, the partners organized one or more focus groups to get input from young NPS users on their ideas to create a preventive web intervention on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). The input from these focus groups is essential in developing the web intervention. What information and approach is needed? What is essential and what is not? These focus groups will give input on the final content, language and functionalities of the intervention. The results from the focus groups will also be discussed at the first workshop in Riga. The workshop in Riga will take place from June 26th – June 28th.

At the first workshop, the foundations of the web intervention will be decided. To make sure we do so, properly some top notch experts in their field will be invited to the workshop: Alessandro Pirona (EMCDDA), Tiny Devriendt (Safe ‘n Sound), and Peter Tossmann (Quit the Shit). 


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