Since the first project Workshop in Riga in June 2017, all project partners have been working hard to develop the contents for their national websites, while Dutch IT company Wild Sea has been technically developing the website and application for mobile devices for the web-based intervention ‘Mind Your Trip’.

Next month, all 13 European project partners of ‘Click for Support - REALized’ will participate in the project’s second Workshop, taking place from 16 to 20 April in Brixen/Bressanone, Italy. All partner organisations will be represented by the project manager and a prevention expert.

The first 1,5 days will be dedicated to discussing the current stance and next steps in the project. Importantly, this will be discussed in terms of Promotion and Dissemination, for which Belgian partner CAD Limburg leads the Working Package. CAD will present the current status of the dissemination of the project among professionals by all partner organisations, as well as the promotion strategy for the promotion of ‘Mind Your Trip’ among the target group of young consumers of New Psychoactive Substances. External advisor Tiny Devriendt will furthermore give a presentation to the project group regarding reaching young NPS consumers specifically.

The next 2,5 days, all partners’ prevention experts whom are involved in the project will receive training by Wild Sea in handling the website and app, training on risks and effects of NPS by external expert Karsten Tögel-Lins from Germany, and last but not least, training in Motivational Interviewing and online (drug) counselling by trainers from Dutch partner Tactus Addiction Care. The English-language training manual will be made available on this website after the Workshop.

The month after this second Workshop, a ‘Bèta phase’ will take place in all 13 partner countries. The partner organisations will conduct a second round of Focus Group sessions with members of the target group, in order to receive feedback on the developed website, app, and intervention modules. Importantly, feedback will be asked on the contents, information, wording and language in the website and app, as well as the thoughts on the promotion strategy through social media.